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BFO® BLD Developer’s Toolkit BUSINESS FORCE ONE® Business Logics Definition’s (BLD) Toolkit has been designed to support BFO® partners with the best, most efficient and integrated tool for analyzing and upgrading customer and add-on solutions. The toolkit integrates the best practices of the compare tool, the merge tool and the impulse workbench into one single tool. The toolkit was designed for ease-of-use in order to secure high quality and efficiency during the upgrade process.

Customization GUI in the minute Autoform, or automatic form layout is a form type generated by BFO each time it is opened by user or module. An action will be added to enable the user to edit update the form follow business logic constrains. A number of predefined properties are available in business entities let developers change visual and behavioral aspects of such a logic form. This feature let BFO system quickly adapt when changing in physical database and data structure logic such as modifying tables, field, data type …
All business logic are binding together with form element like Lookup, Formula, Drilldown, Format/Lock Record, Filter condition make BFO solution stronger than other system. The phylosophy of BFO is quick time development and all business are based on Business Definition Language not Programming language that can usually generate bugs and resource wasted in a large enterprise system and is not scalable.

Advanced Report Script Generation: BFO Reporter is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of reporting processes such as analysis, data drill-down and ad-hoc reporting tasks, without diminishing the complexity of information required. It works with Microsoft Office and Open Office as well as Crystal Report Decision and is the only full-fledged, Excel-based report writer and budgeting tool as well as less time wasted for ERP systems.

Powered features included:
• Paging technology supports large volume of data
• Multi-sites: suitable for company with many branches, points of sales, or multi locations.BFO enables enterprises with 100 to 10,000 agencies connecting to the system from over the globe
• Web Service: Data and business logic are 100% Web Service accessed, Internet protocol compatible with http, https. Web based application full integrated
• Security: Filter Security, Record Level Security, Interface Security, Module Security
• Large Enterprise Application with multilevel user access
• Objects Administrator: with n-tiers objects like Entities Objects, Reports Objects, Module Objects, Security Object …