BFO 2022 release and update

Discover features in the latest BFO 2022 release and update version

Continuous innovation is a major component in our Enterprise System-oriented computing and cloud strategy. Here are the latest features and updates introduced in BFO version 2022

What’s new in BFO 2022?

Find out why the new functions included in the latest BFO version are ideal for enhancing digital transformation in corporate governance organizations including data management technology, analysis capabilities, Docker portable, Web technology.  High and intelligent application development tool that supports development on a multi-platform and innovative mobile platform to meet and catch up the changing business strategy objectives of the business.

Data integration improvements

  • Data processing tera bytes, on 64 bit platform
  • In-memory Database Process Support (Oracle, SQL Server).
  • Extend support for database systems on Linux like MySql Server
  • Synthesizing or integrating business data between multiple BFO systems or from outside sources, eg: BFO Cloud Big Data Services, Microsoft Azure HDInsight®, Google® BigQuery and Apache Cassandra ™ support.
  • Processing larger data volumes in real time with increased memory capacity while reducing TCO through data management and lower storage costs.
  • Support the Big Data Cluster, this technology provides flexibility in how you interact with Big Data. You can query external data sources, store large data in Big Data platforms such as HDFS or query data from multiple external data sources via links. You can then use the data for AI, machine learning and other analytical tasks.

Web Development Tool

Designing and using Business Development Tool on the Web, developers can now use the Web interface to define Entity, Report, and integrated components that make up the BFO application without installing it on the Desktop. Web design functions are fully compatible when users run applications on both Web, Desktop and Mobile.

New .NET Core technology

Fully developed on the Linux platform with .NET Core 7.0, .NET Standard, MySQL Server and Oracle. Why is Microsoft targeting .NET Core, .NET Standard and leaving the .NET Framework. .NET Core is a new Microsoft platform designed to run cross-platform, which means it will run on both Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The BFO Framework is designed in a new version based on .NET Core 7.0 ready for every change.

Docker Technology

BFO Docker, easily deploy entire BFO system on Cloud or in  Enterprise Network Environment (ENE) with Docker platform. Docker Enterprise container platform delivers immediate value to your business by reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs to support your current application portfolio while speeding up application time new solutions Windows Server, Linux and large computers into the supply chain automatically and safely, enhance multi-platform integration capabilities to reduce installation time and system settings to ensure your business a road towards stable future applications.

Dashboard and Visual Data Analysis

BFO 2022 separate report development system, visualization of enterprise data: The BFO Dashboard design system can detect trends, make smart decisions. Monitor your business effectively. Quick access on any device. Chart and Chart integration when analyzing financial data with Excel and Office 2019.

BFO Blockchain (released)

• With BFO Blockchain technology, developers will have a unique, easy-to-develop, comprehensive platform of enterprise data with blockchain data..

• Track and analyze blockchain data to make quick decisions. Perform actions by running advanced analytics on blockchain data.

• Simply build applications that utilize blockchain data on the BFO platform without having to know the complexity of the blockchain network.