Today, in the rapidly changing environment, the data should readily and accurately in real time, not only the information necessary for the success that is the essential requirement for the competitiveness of enterprises.


Different organizations with different tasks context and dimensions may meet some problems in efficiency use of the existing data in their systems such as Sale, financial and storage. Data can be a valuable resource for extracting knowledge and making important managerial decisions in different business scopes. Regarding to increase data in organizations, today, using these data and analyzing that has become one of the most modern management tools.

BBI (BFO Business Intelligence) refers to a managerial philosophy and a tool used to help organizations manage and refine business information with the objective of making more effective business decisions with Visualized Dashboard technology. Traditional information systems can’t generate such reports to such desired.

Our BFO Dashboard will bringing all of data together on one page and easily interpreting those using charts and forms for managers and employees, is a valuable tool in today’s competitive environment for enterprise. Managers of organizations that utilize dashboards, instead of wasting time to read the contents of complex and incomprehensible reports, and extracting information from them, allocate their time to achieve to simple and accurate decisions also they use their competitive advantage which implies through rapid reaction and changes to conditions. Nowadays the organizations that realized the value of getting on-time information, using this modern and valuable technology and that is way this phenomenon is utilized increasingly.