Decision Support


BFO for Executives is a powerful tool for decision supporting making, especially for BOD and managers. It provides you an overview of your business and drill-down to detail so that you get fruitful and important information to make decisions urgently and precisely. Filtered from all posted entries, Business information system (BIS) is a powerful yet flexible report system for users to define by themselves. And Business information system helps you doing analysis and generating statistics by different criteria such as customer debts, revenues, receipt from customers and payment to vendors, customer overdue, stock available … data can be played in graphics for reflecting your business trends as well as compare between actual and budget/planning data by interval period yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily. The BFO drill-down functionality lets you know detail entries formed this data. in short, this module supports the organization’s executives to make right strategy decisions in time for optimizing sales process, cash flow, inventory turnover, customer satisfactions, business trends, and vendor performance….

Key feature worksheet
Advanced Analysis Codes, Business Information System, Planning System, Business Report Generator System, Multi Company, Responsibility Centers