BFO Document Management System functions as a central for an organization to store all of their business documents and records. The system is designed to manage an unlimited number of documents and because it operates on a webtop-based platform, the documents are accessible organization-wide. Unique security settings can be assigned to user logins to ensure that access to confidential documentation is restricted. Within the BFO Document Management System, users can register documents, assign review dates, and send documents for review and/or approval. The system will automatically capture and archive the reviewer/approval histories associated with each document. And as a new document version is created, the previous version is automatically archived for auditing purposes. BFO’s document control module allows users to easily access, review, revise and approve key documents securely from their web browser. The system ensures employees are always using the most recent document versions. Obsolete or outdated revisions of current documents are automatically removed from all points of issue and use. Similarly, all outdated documents retained for legal or knowledge preservation purposes can be suitably identified.

Key feature worksheet
Increase efficiency security, Version Control, Convert to a paperless office, Index Search, Document Workflow, Work toward ISO certification, Control internal & external document standards, Prepared for audits