BFO Human Resource (HR) System helps you response quickly to the organization’changes and requirements. It saves your times for payroll job, and helps you focus on the analysis of the organization’workforce and balance scorecard. Therefore, it empowers your employees to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of human resource administration Whether you are recruiting internally or externally, finding the right candidates for an open position is extremely important. It can also be one of the most time consuming tasks a human resource department has. BFO streamlines this process. Applicant specific information relating to an open competition can be accessed through the applicant card. This includes items such as expected salary, willingness to relocate, and availability. Automatically rate all applicants that have applied for a position through the interactive Applicant Analysis feature. This powerful feature rates all applicants based on the qualifications they have and the qualifications that the position requires. Define all positions within your company including specific information that is standard for the position. This information will automatically flow from an applicant to an employee when that applicant is hired (e.g. rates, deductions, benefits, earnings).

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Recruitment, Employee, Training Management, Commendation & Discipline, Employee Relatives, Employee Qualification & Skill, Confidential Information and Company Asset, Timesheet management integrated with punch machine, Payroll Management, Payroll Group and advanced Payroll, Key Performance Index