BFO Service Management System helps you rising customer expectations, constant pressures to reduce costs, and shortening product lifecycles, many manufacturers recognize an important fact about their post-sales service businesses — customers will spend much more on services for a product over its useful lifespan than they will on its initial purchase. Long considered a second-class corporate citizen, leading companies know that their service businesses can set them apart from the competition and bolster their bottom lines. Success, especially for manufacturers of complex products, will be determined by how well your field service engineers perform, how quickly they respond to customer requests, and how effectively they are managed. BFO provides the tools and information manufacturers need to manage post-sales services effectively: from installing products and responding to service calls to coordinating service resources and providing ongoing maintenance. The fully integrated solution manages all service-related activities cost-effectively, including call handling, service quotations, service order handling, field service dispatching, installation management, preventative maintenance, service contract management, resource planning, spare parts inventory, warranty management, and more.

Key feature worksheet
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, Reduce cost of service, Increase “up sell” revenue, Decrease service response times, Improve first-call problem re,solution rates, Streamline service processes and activities