BFO Web Interactive is full integrated Web base technologies which helps businesses run their operations efficiently and cost effectively. The BFO ERP solution is defined as a series of web services call modules each of which can be tailored to meet a company’s specific system requirements. With BFO a client effectively gets a specific bespoke system for an off the shelf software price which delivers a rapid return on investment with typically short development and implementation times. As a web services system, BFO builds on traditional ERP solutions to make the whole business process globally visible bringing together information, customers, suppliers and logistics partners to deliver improved customer service, inventory control and accurate financial and forecasting data all based on real time data availability as well as expanding your business worldwide through the Internet.

BFO Web RIA Edition: BFO core technology enables executives, analysts and educators to turn complex and confusing data into clear, easy data-mining. Its award-winning product, BFO, is a point-and-click Windows application and Web RIA. The BFO Web RIA edition adds the power to produce enterprise-wide, real-time e-commerce by connecting to corporate databases via XML, Web services and AJAX.