Purchase Management

07 May 2023

BFO Purchasing System BFO Purchasing System helps your people work with business partners and suppliers in such a way that everybody’s business model can advance and key business relationships deliver high value. BFO Procurement functionality can also help your people monitor and report on the actual productivity and business value of vendor and partner engagements, and implement appropriate course corrections. In turn, your team can practice consistent, efficient quality control over the fulfillment of vendor commitments to your company, and record their findings in such a way that it is easy for business managers to evaluate vendor performance, negotiate terms, or initiate new business alliances. Reliable demand-planning capabilities also help to control costs and align vendors firmly behind your business goals Key feature worksheet Purchase Requests, Purchase Contracts, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoice Discount, Requisition Planning, Alternate Ship-to Address, Purchase Return Order, Purchase Line Discount, Purchase Pricing, Drop Shipment

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