Software Upgrade License

BFO’ software upgrade license policy is detailed below. At BFO’ discretion, we may choose to issue new releases and/or upgrades of our products on a periodic basis. The purpose of this page is to describe these types of deliveries and how they may affect you. All customers are strongly urged to keep their product current and upgrade to the latest product available to take advantage of new features, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. BFO may require customers to upgrade from an old version of our software in order to continue to be supported. Minor Upgrade vs. Major Upgrade Minor Upgrades are revisions to the product that encapsulate software bugs, fixes and often include small functional enhancements. Major Upgrades are revisions to the product that involve extensive engineering work to provide significant enhancements to a product. Major upgrades are often accompanied with new documentation and will always be announced, when available, on our website. If you subscribe to our Annual Maintenance Agreement then you will receive notification of important updates. Customers with a current software maintenance agreement are entitled, at no additional charge, to receive all Minor Upgrades and Major Upgrades while their software maintenance agreement is in effect. Please Note: Even if you have an Annual Maintenance Agreement in place, you may not be entitled to technical support if you ignore a specific request to upgrade and continue to use an old version of our product. Special Product Release At times we will develop a Special Product Release containing advanced changes and/or features to a product that will only be available for purchase. These advanced features are optional and controlled by Software Licensing. You will not be required to purchase these features. We understand that there may be no perceived urgency to upgrade your software or investigate enhanced features and functions when everything is running smoothly. However, as time goes by, our products mature and we continue to innovate, so for your benefit, we ask that you stay current. BFO’s current user can download here . If you have any questions concerning software upgrades please send an email message to BFO Support Center [email protected].